Valentine's gifts for your girlfriend
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Valentine's gifts for your girlfriend

02 February 2016, by Design A House Sign Valentine's Day gifts

It can be hard to find the perfect present for your girlfriend or wife on Valentine’s Day, with the traditional gifts often boring and worn out. Chocolates make you fat and we often spend enough on them all year round these days anyway. Flowers are nice but they are often more expensive at Valentine’s and they will soon wilt and die. At a stretch, you may find yourself buying perfume or lingerie as an alternative but this can certainly be an expensive way to show your love and is often not very personal. If you’re sick and tired of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, then we have some perfect ideas of what to get for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Day at the Spa

Treat them to a relaxing day at the spa this year for a great and thoughtful Valentine’s present. Whether you go as a couple or treat her to a day by herself, it is the perfect thoughtful gift that can really show that you care. A spa day can make her feel relaxed and rejuvenated, which could be just what she needs in the New Year. It is surprisingly cheaper than you might think and there are plenty of smaller boutique spas around. Do some research and find the perfect treatment and pamper her this year.

An I.O.U

Before you jump to conclusions and say there’s no way your significant other would be happy with getting nothing for Valentine’s Day, we’re not actually suggesting that you don’t get her anything at all. Instead, you can make a promise to buy her those concert tickets that she really wants or something else in advance. If you can buy something like tickets already then do it and tell her where you’re taking her. This way she gets something that she will actually enjoy instead of something she doesn't really want.

A Weekend Break

What could be more romantic than going on a short break for the weekend? It gives you some perfect quality time together and a break from the norm. Whether you choose to take a city break abroad for a few days, or you stay in the UK, it can be the perfect Valentine’s gift that means more than a dozen roses. Take your girlfriend or wife away and create some memories that you will be able to look back on in years to come.

Take her shopping

If you’re not sure about what to get her, then why not take her shopping and she can pick for herself. It might not be as romantic as buying her a bunch of surprises, but if she doesn't like what you have bought then it could be all in vain anyway. By taking her shopping and letting her decide, she will actually get something that she wants. It can still be a romantic way to spend time together and she will still appreciate the gesture of being bought something for Valentine’s Day.

Something personal

There is nothing that shows more thoughtfulness than a personal touch. Get an old photo framed or create a collage of some old pictures and mementos of the two of you. You could also get her a personalised mug or something similar with a favourite photo or favourite saying. If she has a favourite TV show or movie, then why not get her some memorabilia that she can use, like a travel mug. There are plenty of personal items that you can get her and you can probably think of some examples for yourself. Getting her something with a personal touch can really make it a special gift and shows that you have put some thought into getting it.

These are just a few ideas to help you out this Valentine’s Day. If you find yourself getting the same gift each year and want to give her something different this time around, then why not try one of our suggestions for a more personal gift. Or take inspiration from our article and come up with your own gift ideas that are different from the norm!

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