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Top Tips For Moving House

08 August 2014, by Design A House Sign moving house

We all know now is the perfect time of year to move house, although you might be using up some of your precious holiday time to haul boxes and furniture around, there’s no reason why it has to be an overly stressful time if you have the foresight to plan ahead.

The first thing to do is pack up your old house, start the week before and take each room at a time- if possible use different coloured boxes or labels so it’s easier to put the right boxes in the right rooms once you reach your new place.

Another important consideration to sort in advance is your utilities, and of course paying the bills for them. You’ll want to settle up any applying to your old house and ensure everything is up and running at the new one. Don’t forget to get your post redirected too!

mother and son sitting on boxes and high-fiving

As it’s the school holidays, you’ll need to keep the kids entertained too- make sure you leave at least a few toys close to hand! Depending on their age, try to get them to help out with the packing and unpacking- the promise of a reward is a sure-fire way to get them to pack the most boxes!

It’s not just toys that you’ll need to keep close by, you’d be surprised just how many people end up packing their tools, kettles and toiletries at the bottom of boxes only to find they need them the other end. If the weather is looking questionable, ensure you keep important possessions and documents (passports, deeds etc.) in plastic boxes to prevent any damage.

Of course, if you want all your friends, family and even the postman to find you easily, put your stamp on your new home with a house sign designed by you.

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