Spring cleaning isn't just for indoors!
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Spring cleaning isn't just for indoors!

21 March 2014, by Design A House Sign man spring cleaning in the garden

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring! Plenty of people will be embarking on spring cleaning the rooms around their home, however it’s not just the inside that will need tidying up…two storey detached house

Your home’s exterior regularly needs looking after, it’s very easy to end up letting just a couple of things slide and for the outside of your home to fall into a state of disrepair! 

The first, and probably the most obvious, thing to tackle is weeding and cutting the grass. After the lengthy winter we’ve experienced, it’s highly likely that your front lawn and shrubbery will be overgrown and need tending to. This should be done before or during any flowering plants start to bloom in order to preserve the flowers for future months.

Even the outside of your house needs a wash, borrow or hire a jet wash to get the months of dirt and grime off of your hlady in rubber gloves cleaning out a gutterouse, and whilst you’re at it you can wash the car too! The guttering around your house will most likely need a clear out too, a lot of people either forget or just can’t be bothered to do it but if all the dirt and leaves that have gathered in the gutter are left there, then moss will start to form in the guttering, fascias and soffits and could inflict water damage onto the wall – a far costlier outcome than just spending an afternoon clearing out the gutters!

When cleaning your windows try to do it on a cooler, cloudier day as it will ensure they dry streak free. Start with the exterior of your windows first, by the time you move inside you might find that most of the dirt and grime has already gone! The most commonly used method of cleaning windows is simply by using newspaper and water, it’s a little old fashioned but it still works!

After the long cold winter it’s likely that your path, driveway and steps may have picked up some damage that needs repairing, be sure to fill in any cracks or loose paving. It’s also a great time to give your front door a lick of paint, maybe even a new colour for the summer, and of course put up a nice new house sign!  

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