Spring Cleaning Checklist
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Spring Cleaning Checklist

23 March 2016, by Design A House Sign Spring Cleaning checklist

Reinvigorate your home with a proper Spring Clean!

Spring has finally arrived and one thing that should be on top of your agenda is giving your home a good spring cleaning. There are plenty of reasons why spring cleaning is popular. For one it is the perfect time of year to clean your home. Cleaning and undertaking DIY projects during the winter months can be tiresome and it is often too cold to do any work in the garden. So the arrival of spring provides the perfect opportunity to get your house in order for the summer.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your property or simply give it a good clean, our spring cleaning checklist offers some top tips to make things easier. Cleaning itself may not be enjoyable, but the end result is certainly worth it. Our manageable guide can make it easier to get your home clean this spring.

1) Cleaning the floors throughout your home

One of the most popular tasks that people undertake when spring cleaning, is giving their floors a thorough clean. The winter months are often cold and wet and that can mean dirty shoes treading all throughout the home. It seems like a pointless task giving the floors a proper clean during the winter as the floors are bound to get dirty again. So come the spring it’s the ideal opportunity to clean your floors and get your home feeling fresh again. You can use good old fashioned soap and water on most surfaces but there are also specific floor cleaners available.

For Wooden floors, consider using a flooring varnish or wax when you have cleaned the surface for a longer lasting and hard wearing finish. You can also get varnish or wax with a stain to give your flooring a bit of colour again if it’s lost it.

For Vinyl and Stone flooring, you can buy specific sealers and polishes to help give it a shine. Flooring loses its sheen over time so this can help to brighten up your home.

2) Spring clean your wardrobe

When the seasons change it is often common that our wardrobes will do so too. The arrival of warmer months means that you can start to look forward to wearing shorts or dresses when it would’ve been too cold otherwise. But many of us will store our clothes away rather than sorting through it. We all have items of clothing that we rarely or never wear and aren’t likely to, so why not take this opportunity to spring clean your wardrobe? This will make your closet look more appealing and it will make your everyday routine and finding something to wear easier.

3) Fresh coat of paint

Over the winter months the walls can often get dirty from stains or just general dirt and grime. But cleaning painted surfaces can prove difficult if you didn’t use a durable paint, and using soapy water might fade the paint on the surface. So giving walls a fresh coat of paint can really brighten up your home, make it feel fresh and even cleaner. Make sure to check whether you still have some of the old paint left to help save on the cost.

4) Kitchen and bathroom cleaning

Two areas of the home that are often neglected are the kitchen and bathroom. This is often because we spend a fair amount of time cleaning them as it is, but there are jobs that don’t get done and are ideal for spring cleaning. Grout can often become dirty and fade in colour. This is also true of sealant and both can often do with cleaning or resealing. Depending on how dirty it is it might be quicker to reseal, but there are plenty of products to help solve this problem. Mould and damp can also be common problems in this area of the home. Mould can often be cleaned with something as simple as bleach but damp will most likely require a special sealant to solve the problem.

5) Wash your windows

One of the last things that you should remember to do is to wash your windows. This is the perfect time to do this and it can really make your home seem much cleaner and brighter. Over the winter months our windows will get dirty from general dirt and grime. Simply giving your windows a clean to make sure they’re clear can make your home look even cleaner. If you don’t have ladders then it can be difficult to reach your high windows, so you might want to consider hiring professional window cleaners. It really is worth the result in the end though.

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