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Now we don't proclaim to be experts in the matter, however, we know people who are!

So, should you consider selling your house during this festive and busy time of year? Well according to Anna Hart, it might not be as difficult as you might think. Its all about staging your home.
So follow these simple tips for staging and selling your house and you might just be surprised.
1. This one we may have added in - Improve the look of the front of your house with a new number plaque or house sign. Yes okay we are slightly biased, but let's be honest, its the first thing anyone will see when walking into a house.
2. Its easy to "overdo" your Christmas decorations and this generally shows. Keep your decorations to a minimum. Keep to one colour of tinsel and baubles that compliment your current colour scheme throughout your home.
3. Your Christmas decoration should be kept in line with the style of the property. So whether it's a traditional cottage or a new contemporary apartment, make your decorations part of the house, rather than overshadowing it.
4. The Christmas Tree, this is a big factor (well maybe little depending on the size of your living room). But make sure your Christmas Tree isn't too big for the room. An oversized tree will make your room seem smaller than it is. Scale back your tree to compliment your room.
5. When a prospective buyer comes to view your house, tidy away any clutter. This may sound like common sense but it's important to tidy away all those extra chairs and presents which take up valuable space.

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