Plants you can grow indoors
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Plants you can grow indoors

21 January 2016, by Design A House Sign Indoor Plants - Balcony Garden

Gardening and growing your own fruit and vegetables has become hugely popular in the UK. It can be both exciting and satisfying as you get to see your produce grow and reap the rewards afterwards. Many people also grow their own vegetables as a way of being economical and saving money from buying them at the supermarket. It can also be really satisfying knowing that you've grown the food you are eating and you can be sure in the knowledge that it is wholly natural and organic. But many of us are not fortunate enough to have our own garden space to grow plants and vegetables. This is especially true if you live in an apartment or in a city. A large number of people have turned to allotment space to fulfil their ambitions, but demand for this space is huge and you could be waiting years for a plot.

But there is a simple solution to this problem by growing your fruit and veg indoors. Anyone can become a gardener and there are a number of different plants that can be grown indoors with minimal effort. Some are grown with more success than others but there are some really easy plants you can grow from your own home. So whether you want to grow your own vegetables to cut down on your spend at the supermarket, or you’re simply looking for a new hobby, we've come up with some plants that are easy to grow in your own home.

Tomatoes – They are really easy to grow indoors if they get enough light. ‘Window Sill’ tomatoes can be grown with minimal effort. All you will need are the right tomato seeds, seed starter mix, fertiliser and plant stakes. Smaller varieties of tomatoes are recommended as they will grow better, so choose something like Pixie, Patio or Tiny Tim varieties to grow. Simply water regularly and keep turning your plant to give the whole plant some sunlight. Transplant your plant from the starter mix into a bigger pot with potting soil when it gets to around 6 inches tall.

Hot or Sweet Peppers – These can be surprisingly easy to grow indoors and can be a great ingredient to add to your cooking. The smaller varieties are again best for growing indoors as the larger peppers may not have enough room to grow in a smaller container. Use a plastic pot rather than clay or ceramic ones, as clays like terracotta, can draw moisture out of the soil. Peppers need lots moisture to grow and may dehydrate in a clay pot. Use a good potting mix and make sure they get plenty of water.

Avocados – Surprisingly, an avocado plant can be grown indoors to good effect. The plant is thought to have originated in Southern Mexico and fares best in warm climates. In many other places, the plant is often grown indoors to provide the warm temperatures it needs. You can buy a plant to start growing your own avocados or you can sprout your own plant from an avocado pit, so next time don’t throw it away! Not all pits will sprout roots though so it can be a case of trial and error. Place the avocado pit broad side down into a glass of water with plenty of sunlight and watch for growing roots.

Herbs – Nearly all kinds of herbs can be grown with ease indoors and don’t often need much sunlight. A large number of herbs are used to growing in shady areas so simply need to be watered often. Starting herbs from seeds can take a while and newly germinated plants are often small in size. Buying starter plans can still be relatively cheap and give you results and a usable plant quickly. Parsley and cilantro grow well indoors and prefer cooler temperatures and require little but occasional watering. Chives grow continuously throughout the year and prefer moist soil with a few hours of sunlight. Mint is another herb that is easy to grow in most conditions.

These are just a few suggestions of plants that are easy to grow indoors and require little attention. There are many more varieties of vegetables and fruits that you can grow indoors, but you may want to stick to a few to begin with so they don’t take over your home. You may need to be patient with your plants and you can experience varying levels of success, but when you do reap the benefits it can be well worth the time and effort you have put in. 

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