Searching for the perfect Housewarming gift
Create your own personalised house sign

Searching for the perfect Housewarming gift

04 July 2014, by Dan Clay moving house

Now is the perfect time of year for moving house. The sun is shining- so no getting your boxes soggy moving them out of the house- and the kids are off school so you have an extra pair of hands to help you out!

If you’re not moving this summer, but you know someone who is, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift to help them settle into their new home. There are countless options, but most people seem to stick with the same handful of ideas. You want to think slightly outside the box- you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a half-hearted “thanks” when you give your loved ones their 10th Ikea cutlery set!

Of course, the best and probably most appreciated gift is to offer to help out with the moving- either packing or driving from house to house. However, if you don’t have the time (or you can’t really be bothered!) the next best thing is being the first on the scene at the new place, armed with often-forgotten essentials. Put together a care package of bread, milk, tea, biscuits, toilet paper etc. and ensure their first night isn’t spent going hungry and thirsty. Maybe slip a bottle of wine in there too- after a long day they’re probably going to need a drink!

Moving into a new place doesn’t always mean it instantly feels like home, the lived in smell of the previous owners may still be hanging around the place and won’t necessarily be welcoming! Give your loved ones candles – something fresh and summery - allowing them to give their new home a scent that’s unique to them.

Flowers are great to brighten up a home temporarily- however a plant, bush or (space permitting) even a tree can give the garden a fresh new look and will last for years to come, much better than flowers that will wither and die in a week!

Last but certainly not least, every new home needs a new house sign! If you know the recipient particularly well then you could opt to design the sign yourself, a customised sign shows you care a lot more than some shop-bought numbers! If you’re unsure whether your tastes match theirs, purchase one of our house sign gift packs, still giving the gift of a house sign but allowing them to design it themselves! 

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