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s your home just too crowded? With these brilliant home hacks you can utilise any additional space and unwanted belongings to transform your home from an overloaded state into a spacious luxury.

Whether you are renting your property or a home owner, these extremely simple solutions will provide you with expert tips to ensure that keeping your home clean and tidy, is made easy. As well as saving you great amounts of time…and money!

So check out our top home hacks and transform your home today, you really won’t regret it.

Use Shoe Boxes As Dividers

Have you got spare shoe boxes just laying around? Well, why not make use of them with this unique home hack? Use your spare shoe boxes to create your very own draw dividers, instead of going to the shop and spending money on manufactured ones. All you need to achieve this is a set of scissors and as many boxes that you have. You simply need to cut each of the boxes in half, by length or by width; whichever best suits you and your space. You then tuck them away in the draw to begin to divide your clothing.

Use The Back Of Your Door For Storage

Are you rapidly running out of storage in your home? Well, if you need that little bit extra then look no further than the other side of your door. With the correct instalments, it offers you that little bit extra storage, from towel hangers, to spice racks; it really can fulfil any need in any room of the house.

This provides you with the additional storage you crave, as well as supplying you with a unique method of storage that can make your life much easier when you are looking for particular items.

Tension Rod For Cleaning Products

If you are someone who as a cluttered collection of cleaning products, then why not make full use of the space and storage you are given? Grab yourself a tension rod and position it underneath your sinkin your bathroom or kitchen. Then this enables you to be able to hook on the different sprays and scrubbers that you have.

By including a tension rod, it not only offers a place to keep all of your scrubbers and sprays, but it also frees up the space below meaning you are able to fit more into the cupboard or have the opportunity to re-position what you have.

Use Plastic Tags To Label Cords

If you are continually mixing up the wrong cables and cords, then with this brilliant home hack can provide an ideal solution for you.

Just label each of your cords and cables from the socket, this way you can instantly know which plug to pull out and not leave yourself guessing. Believe us, it is much easier than having to play a game of guessing which plug is the one you need. This hack is extremely straight forward but a real revolution; it enables you to move what you need to without accidentally resetting the microwave three times beforehand.

Turn A Picture Frame Into A Dry-Erase Board

If you need help to stay on top of your daily tasks then then make yourself your very own striking DIY notice board, made from everyday items that you are bound to have in your home. By producing this easy dry-erase board it will then allow you to be able to write down each and every tasks you have; therefore enabling you to keep on top of your errands on a day-to-day basis.

All you need to produce this item is your very own photo fame (of whatever size suits you), some scrap fabric or dazzling wallpaper to keep in the frame as a background and your very own dry-erase marker pen to be able to jot down any reminders you need on the glass. Once you have completed this, you should hand it in a very visible location that you will see easily and regularly to ensure you can take full advantage of it.


With these brilliant life hacks you will be able to take advantage of every nook and cranny within your home, and provide yourself with more additional storage than you know what to do with. So give these hacks a go and let us know how you get on.

If you have any unique home hacks yourself, feel free to share them below.

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