Keeping your House Sign clean
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Keeping your House Sign clean

28 August 2014, by Dan Clay cleaning bucket

It’s easy to forget that house signs spend nearly all of their lives outside, come rain or shine, winter or summer. Because of this, we rarely give the attention they need when carrying out our house chores. We have to remember that a house sign, much like anything you’d clean, is essentially a decorative object and significantly loses its appeal if left dirty. It won’t be long before the rainy autumnal days start to arrive but before they do, show your house sign some love with a little TLC.

To ensure a clean finish of your slate house sign you’ll want to make sure you have the following to hand:

A brush with soft bristles (maybe even horsehair)


Warm water

A very mild detergent (you don’t want to erode or stain the sign material)

A cloth to wipe and a cloth to buff


1. Use the dry brush to delicately brush away bits of dried on dust and debris to prevent them getting rubbed into the surface and scratching it. When doing this, avoid moving the brush back and forth. Brush in the same direction.

2. Fill bucket (you won’t necessarily need something quite this big, a bowl would probably suffice) with warm water. Add a drop or two of detergent – remember, it doesn’t need to be harsh.

3. Using the same brush with the water, gently wash off the marks and stains and really get into any engravings, paying particular attention to ridges. Where there are engravings it’s worth remembering the rule used to brush your teeth- a circular motion will ensure that any grains of dirt are not overlooked.

4. When you feel the brush has lifted up all the dirt, take out your cloth and wipe down the surface, pushing through with your fingers to ensure you reach inside the engravings.

5. Once your sign has been properly wiped, depending on the material, you may want to buff your sign for a glossy finish.

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