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So spring is officially around the corner, with temperatures warming up nicely and the sun making a couple of fine appearances! Whilst we're enjoying this year's first bit of nice weather, it's also the perfect time to ensure your house sign is ready to make a great first impression for any visitors over the summer months.

Our custom designed house signs offer their very own individual benefits in terms of durability, style and class. No matter what type of house sign you have, we think that spring is the best time of year to make it look its very best.

Most of our signs simply need soapy water and a cotton cloth to keep clean, here are some additional tips to keep your house sign looking great this spring. No matter what type of sign you may have out of the eight materials we offer, here’s our tips for keeping your house sign looking at its best this spring:

Glass and Acrylic: Our brilliantly stylish acrylic house signs and glass house signs are easily cleaned with any household cleaning product and a lint free cloth. Our top tip here is to use a cotton cloth or a squeegee to remove any streaky marks or residue straight after cleaning.

Slate: Slate is a naturally durable material, however it looks even better if you keep your slate house sign well kept! Simply use soapy water to keep your slate sign looking fresh.

Frosted: What works so well with our frosted house signs is that the material naturally hides most smudges and marks. However, like most of our signs we suggest you give it a simple wipe over with soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. Don’t forget to use a separate soft dry cloth after to remove any streaky marks!

Aluminium: Our aluminium house signs are brilliant as they do not oxidise or corrode. However to keep your aluminium house sign looking at its absolute best, simply use soapy water to gently cleanse the sign of any dirt with soft cotton towels.

Oak: The best way for our oak house signs to look their best is to regularly oil them. Using Danish oil, which is widely available, simply rub a small amount of oil into the wood until all areas are covered to keep the oak looking fresh and colourful.

Granite: To preserve the treatment that we place on our granite house sign before sending them out, we recommend using soapy water and a soft cloth to remove any dirt and prevent any scratches being left.

Brass: As an alternative to traditional brass signs that become easily tarnished and worn down over the years, we use brass effect. Made from aluminium and coloured with a golden finish these signs offer the look of sheet brass but one of the big advantages of using this material is it will not go green over time if subjected to humidity or prolonged water exposure. Like our aluminium signs, simply use soapy water and a soft cotton towel.

As you can see, keeping your house sign clean takes no time at all. It really is as simple as that, and it keeps your house sign stylish and clean to soak up the great weather to come!

If you have any further questions regarding your house sign then we want to help! Get in touch today on 0845 519 8168, email us or check out our FAQs!

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