How To Take Better Care Of Your Lawn This Summer
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How To Take Better Care Of Your Lawn This Summer

02 February 2017, by Design A House Sign Lawn Care

Having had a fair share of Atlantic winds, rain, and snow in some parts of the country, winter is finally coming to an end with spring set to take root on March 20th. Winter preparations for many were focused on getting the house ready for celebrations. A time to show off your new or improved home to friends and family, maybe you even got the new kitchen or office extension you always wanted. All improvements made, the house has been transformed into a home, it is time to turn attention to the garden. Summer party planning starts now. 

Spring cleaning your garden

DIY enthusiasts, green-fingered fanatics, and renovating geniuses it is time to get out the trustiest of tools- the hose. Wash the patio or decking, being sure to remove any moss that has been growing and hose down garden furniture to remove built up grime. If you have a garden shed now is the time to tackle the hoarding of ‘not so useful’ items that you may have brought with you from your old house. Check the lawn mower is working, you will need it later. Don’t forget to clear away any leaves which may have gathered in key drainage areas, as soil moisture affects spring seedling growth. If you have a gravel drive, consider raking it and removing any weeds. 

General maintenance completed, the canvas that is your garden is ready, attention must turn to the pride of any garden, the lawn. 

Design a House Sign’s The 3 stages of rejuvenating your lawn

Stage 1: Remove all debris

Weeding a garden can be tedious at the best of times, but it is essential for revitalising those patchy areas on your lawn. To resolve this over-seed the patches, first making sure the surface has been flattened with a rake. Heavy rainfall encourages moss to grow, return to your now tidy garden shed and get out the metal garden rake to tackle this. This enables increased air flow for your lawn and helps the new grass to grow with ease. 

Stage 2: Get the lawn mower out

It is important to regularly mow your lawn. Take note, the first mow of spring is only a trim, blades must be high. Gradually you can lower the blades, take care not to cut too much off as this can cause those patches discussed in stage one, as the grass can be weakened leading to weeds growing. Throughout spring the lawn should be cut every 7-10 days, increasing to twice a week in summer. 

Stage 3: Food and water

We all need food and water and your lawn is no different. Spring brings the first opportunity to fertilise your lawn. Through fertilisation, the grass is stronger and will be more resistant to hot weather, if we are lucky enough to get it! In addition, it reduces the growth of moss and weeds. To help your lawn grow core aeration should also take place in spring, as it accelerates growth and root development. In the case of an unlikely UK drought, the core aeration will enable the roots to withstand the heat. To keep the grass lusciously green during summer water it once every 7-10 days. 

With your house made into a home and your garden summer party ready, finish the look with a custom-built sign from Design a House Sign.

This post was written by Victoria Hoyle.

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