How to illuminate your garden during the winter
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How to illuminate your garden during the winter

11 December 2015, by Design A House Sign Garden Lighting

The garden is probably one of the most neglected places in the home when it comes to the winter months. The majority of us will head indoors to seek warmth from the bitter weather outside, but this often means the garden becomes a forgotten space. As the nights start to draw in early and the mornings being just as bad it can sometimes be easy to forget about the garden altogether as we are hardly ever able to see it. And to some extent you might wonder if there was actually any point in doing something with your garden during the winter. But the garden isn’t all about basking outside and relaxing, you can admire it from inside your home too. You might also want to take the opportunity to get outside the house when it isn’t too cold. That is why choosing the right kind of garden lighting can help to bring your garden back to life in the winter.

Choosing the right kind of lighting to illuminate your garden can make all the difference. It can be a difficult choice though with so many different styles of lighting to choose from. Lighting can generally be split into three different sections, which are ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. For the outside of your home, it would generally be the latter two that you would focus on, as ambient lighting is a main source of light, and certain forms of task lighting can also act as ambient lighting as well. Task lighting is often for a specific job or purpose, such as security, whereas accent lighting is used to illuminate particular features in the garden or outside your home.

Accent Lighting

There are a few different installations that can help you emit a glow over your focal point without being intrusive. Ground lights can be great to accentuate features in your home and they are often used in stairs, pathways or drives. They offer a great source of light and are hidden from view as they are sunken into the ground. Another popular form of accent lighting is spike lights that are a slim pole-like shape and can be lodged into the ground. They are generally solar powered and are used for garden lighting in places like flowerbeds and along pathways. Strip lights are a popular form of lighting that are often used to illuminate structures and sheds. Each strip will have a string of tiny LEDs inserted and they can be easily concealed out of sight.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting is more about its function and the task that you want it to perform. One of the most common forms of task lighting is security lights, which are often used as a deterrent to would-be thieves. They are also considered to be energy efficient as most security lights come with PIR sensors, meaning the lamp will only switch on when movement is detected. Flood lights are another form of task lighting that are often used to light much larger spaces. This includes places around the home such as the patio or if you wish to light your entire driveway. Bollard lights are also proving to be a popular choice of task lighting. Often seen by the roadside, they offer a fixed source of lighting that creates a feature in itself with an ornamental style.

Selecting the right kind of lighting to illuminate your garden in the winter is all dependent on the size of your space and what you are looking to achieve. Hopefully, the different options we have discussed can give you some inspiration and help you find what you are looking for. By adding this simple touch to your garden, you can truly transform the space during the winter months.

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