How to avoid unwanted trick or treaters this Halloween
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How to avoid unwanted trick or treaters this Halloween

14 October 2016, by Design A House Sign Halloween Trick or Treat

Halloween is just around the corner, which might not mean much for most. But for many homeowners, it means the time of year that we get a whole host of unexpected knocks at the door. Trick or treating takes place every year and although it seems rather harmless, it can actually be pretty annoying. Many people get in sweet treats every year just to give out to unexpected callers and having to constantly get up to answer the door can be a pain. If you’re fed up of the tradition and want to avoid unwanted trick or treaters this year then take a look at our tips.

Turn off porch lights

An unofficial signal that you don’t want visitors is to turn off any porch or outdoor lights. Many parents with younger children will not knock on a house if it looks like the people don’t want to be disturbed. However, this may not deter older children that are out alone knocking on your door. You could try turning off all the lights at the front of your home, but this is probably a bit too drastic!

Put signs out

Signs can prove a great way to deter unwanted callers at Halloween. Put your signs on the front door or even closer to the pavement where possible. Many people who see the sign will respect your wishes and not want to annoy you. You can use all kinds of signs to deter people from knocking on your door. This can include a ‘beware of the dog’ sign, as people may be scared to knock if they think you have a large dog. This can even work throughout the rest of the year if you don’t want cold callers!

Make your home uninviting

You could also try and deter people from your home by making the path to your front door uninviting. If you have a driveway then you could park your car at an awkward angle that blocks the way to the front door. Also leaving things in the way like bins or anything large can deter people from knocking. If it looks like you don’t want to be disturbed then people are not likely to knock on the door. This may not deter everyone from knocking but it could deter most people.

Leave sweets to take

Another option is to leave a bowl of sweets out in your porch for people to take. If you have people that are persistent and won’t go away then at least leaving some sweets out means that you don’t have to keep answering the door. It does have some negatives though as the first people to knock may get greedy and take all of the sweets. This will leave nothing for anyone else and other people may still knock in the hope that you have more sweets for them.

Scare them

Well, it is Halloween. You could try tricking people instead to deter them from your home. There are plenty of scary decorations that you can buy which are perfect for the occasion. Making your home look scary could stop some people from approaching. However, if people aren’t scared then it could have the reverse effect and you could even get more visitors!

If all else fails and you really can’t bear another Halloween at home with unwanted trick or treaters, then why not simply just go out for the night. See a movie or go out for dinner and you can avoid the trick or treaters that way instead!

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