How to Add Autumn Charm to your Home
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How to Add Autumn Charm to your Home

31 October 2017, by Design A House Sign

Autumn’s not only the time of year where the leaves start to fall, the temperature changes and pumpkin spice lattes return; it’s also the time to change your home décor. With just a handful of small changes, you can give your home a snug new look to help you curl up in the dark nights to come.

Add a heartening touch to your home this autumn with these simple changes.

Bring the outdoors in to play

Autumn is often seen as one last chance to enjoy the outdoors before the chilly winds and dark nights of winter are upon us. Make the most of this opportunity by collecting picturesque flowers and colourful leaves to take back home. You can then use this to decorate the hub if you're home – stick flowers in delicate vases and place pressed leaves on the walls, maybe even hang them from the mantelpiece. Don’t think that everything you decorate your home with needs to be bought, the natural is often the best!

Shed some light on the matter

As the days get shorter and the nights become darker, light can become limited in the autumn. Be sure to consider adding a mixture of light sources in your home. You want to be able to treasure the valuable hours of daylight, but also feel as if you’re not sat in the dark. You could achieve this by adding delicate lamps around your home, as well as a wood fire, candles and fairy lights. These can all help provide that cosy feeling in your home during the cold wintry months.

Add a touch of colour

Bring autumn to life in your home with a simple change of colour, whether that is through accessories, furniture and even a fresh lick of paint, that’s up to you. To create an autumn paradise within the comfort of your home, we suggest you look to add more traditional colours of autumn from orange, red and yellow but don’t limit yourself to those three. You can look to add a little more adventure to your home with other shades including green, blue and purple – that way you can get a real mixture of colour in your home and add the ultimate autumn feel.

Pick up some accessories

With the addition of just a few different accessories, it can help supply your home with a new and improved level of cosiness this autumn. Whether you are looking to add some rugs, blankets and additional cushions to your home they can all help play a part in bringing a new and improved autumn charm into your home. These accessories may seem small and maybe even unnecessary but they can really help to make a room feel more complete, as opposed to half-finished.

Blankets can not only offer a room a new look with the design to fit in with the autumn touch; they are also ideal for providing additional warmth and comfort within the room as a whole.

Give your mantelpiece a makeover  

As a focal point in your living room, your mantelpiece is a great way to create an autumn feel within the room. You can use natural leaves and plants as we suggested earlier, or you can get crafty instead. Get to work with paint, paper and card and let your creative side out. This can be a fun way to add a personal touch to your home whilst keeping in touch with the autumn feel you’re aiming for; with the end result being a vibrant, home-friendly centrepiece you can sit back and admire. 

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