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If you don’t have a lot of garden space then it can be difficult to grow flowers or plants. You don’t want to take up too much ground space by planting flowers either as this will leave you with less space than you can use to enjoy your garden. Growing your own vegetables has become huge and it can save you money, but it is difficult if you don’t have space. This often means that you end up using things like window planters because you don’t have enough space. Well, we have some ingenious ideas that could help solve your problem. By creating a vertical garden, you can save much more space and still be able to grow all of the flowers or vegetables that you want.

Recycle a wooden pallet

You can pick up a wooden pallet for free from many hardware stores or garden centres, but they are also pretty cheap to buy. This can create the perfect way to grow all of your plants while still giving you enough room to utilise your space. Stand the pallet upright and attach some weed stop fabric in between the slats to hold your plants. You could also paint the pallet with weatherproof paints to brighten it up or match it with your fence colour.

Use Shelves

Why not keep it simple and install some shelves to create your own vertical garden. It doesn’t have to be outside and there are plenty of plants that you could grow indoors. This means that you can still grow all the plants that you want to and it also provides some decoration for your interior. You can also hang some shelves outdoors on a wall or sturdy fence. Make sure you treat the shelves with an outdoor paint or oil so that they don’t warp and go out of shape.

Upcycle your waste

There are plenty of things that you throw out that you can use to create a vertical garden. Take an old plastic bottle and cut off the top to create the perfect container for hanging a small potted plant. Spray paint the bottle to give it a better look with either bright colours or something more subtle. Thread some string through several of the planters to create the perfect hanging garden. This is an ideal solution for growing things like herbs or smaller potted plants.

Glass Jars

Another thing that we often throw away is glass jars or containers, but these can be really useful for growing smaller plants. It can also be a cheap way to create your vertical garden by attaching them to a fence post using a pipe clamp. You can pick these up from any DIY store and by using a large one you can tighten it to fit the size of your jar. This will hold it in place and provide the perfect place to grow any smaller vegetables or herbs.

Make use of the fence

You could also make great use of your fence and create the perfect vertical garden. You can attach plant pots to your fence by using something like plant pot hangers. These come in various different styles to suit your needs and are perfect for attaching your plant pots somewhere to save space. This would be best with smaller pots and plants so that you are not putting too much weight on your fence. But add multiple pots to create the perfect effect.

These are just a few simple ideas to give you the inspiration to transform your garden space. Just because you have a small garden area doesn’t mean that you can’t utilise it to the best of your abilities. By creating a vertical garden you can save the space and still grow all the plants and vegetables that you want to. Brighten up your home this spring with a vertical garden.

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