EPC Certificates Explained and the New Legislations for Landlords
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EPC Certificates Explained and the New Legislations for Landlords

26 March 2018, by Joel Claydon EPC Certificate

We all know that moving house, letting your home or renting a flat can all be a little bit confusing at times. With all the paperwork involved, the addition of generating an EPC Certificate can perhaps cause that headache you have been trying to avoid all along.

Well do not fret, we can help explain what an Energy Performance Certificate is, when you need one and how to get one.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?
An EPC also known as an Energy Performance Certificate gives a property an energy efficient rating on a scale from "A" (Most efficient) to "G" (Least efficient). Much like a performance chart that you generally see on the side of any appliance bought from new. Each EPC generated is valid for 10 years and comes with a property report with suggested ways to increase your properties efficiency.

Who needs an EPC?
To put it simply, you only need to present an EPC when one of the following applies; You let a property you own, You are selling your property. It will be necessary each time a new Tennant or Buyer moves in to a property.
The above also applies to commercial premises of which you want to sell or lease.

How to get an Energy Performance Certificate?
An EPC can only be generated by an accredited energy assessor. You can find an accredited assessor from https://www.gov.uk/find-an-energy-assessor.

A note on changes to the EPC legislation April 2018
From April 2018 landlords are required to meet a minimum efficiency rating of "E" on their EPC for any rented property. It will become the landlords responsibility to ensure the property has a rating more efficient than "E".
On occasions, certain properties can be exempt from this due to listed property restrictions ie, double glazing.

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