Engraved Slate House Signs and How they are made!
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Engraved Slate House Signs and How they are made!

31 July 2018, by Joel Claydon Engraved Slate House Sign

We find a lot of people asking what the difference is between our engraved and etched slate house signs.

Well here we will explain, in as much detail as possible the differences between the two.

Lets start with our Engraved Slate House Signs
The slate itself is made from a 10mm thick grey calibrated tile, which is then machine cut to the required size of the house sign. The face of the slate is sanded to a smooth finish, known as a honed face. This smooth face then allows for the accurate form of engraving that we apply. 
Now the method of deep engraving that we choose to use is known as sandblasting. This is a very accurate and intricate method of engraving (commonly used to engrave glass), however we have upscaled the process somewhat to allow to blast natural materials such as slate and granite. The way in which this works is high pressured sand is blown through a pipe and in turn a nozzle onto the surface that requires engraving. This sand works as a very fine grit working into the areas to be engraved being the area of text or imagery on the sign.
Once finished engraving, the text itself is then infilled with colour to offer a brilliant contrast between the dark grey slate and the information displayed.

These like our Engraved Slate Signs are made from a 10mm thick light grey calibrated tile and then machine cut to your required size. The face of the slate is naturally riven, which allows for much more character and is rich with nature markings throughout.
The laser etching colour will vary between 'grey' and 'off white', due to the natural material and is burned into the surface of the slate using a 3000* laser. This is not so much a visable deep engraving but more an etch that runs within the stone itself allowing for a permanent etch.

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