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s your garden in need of some attention this year but you don’t have a massive budget to spend on it? Or maybe you feel that your garden area is wasted because you don’t spend enough time outside. Well, there are plenty of DIY hacks that can make your garden the perfect place to spend your free time over the coming months. Whether you’re looking to decorate your garden to make it a more inviting place or you’re looking for some ideas to transform your space, then we have some suggestions that could help to improve your garden.

Pallet Furniture

Wooden pallets can be found fairly cheaply and some businesses may often give them away for free. They provide a building block to creating some amazing outdoor furniture that is perfect for year round use. One of the most common uses is to create pallet coffee tables that can be painted in bright colours to make the perfect addition to your garden seating area. But the possibilities are endless and you can get as creative as you want when creating your own garden furniture. Pallets are sturdy and generally made to support large amounts of weight so are perfect for a range of uses.

Vertical Garden

If your garden space is limited then a vertical garden can be the perfect way to spruce it up. Make use of your fence by attaching plant pots or planters and creating your own vertical garden. If you have old sections of guttering, you can even attach these to your fence and fill them with soil to create your very own makeshift planter. It is best to attach your planters to the fence posts, which should provide enough support to hold up your plant. This can give you extra space in your garden whilst still giving you an area to grow plants and brighten up your space.

Decorative Planters

This can be a great way to liven up a garden and can be done without any expense at all. There are many items within the home that can be used to create quirky and decorative planters. Why not try using old wine boxes to make a rustic looking herb planter that is perfect for use in the garden. You could also use things like old hessian sacks or something similar and line them with black bags to create quirky looking planters. Be creative and customise old items that you may have lying around your home.

Outdoor lighting

Transform your garden and make it the perfect place to spend your evenings with some fantastic and simple lighting solutions. Instead of using lanterns and pole lights around your garden, why not bunch them into one pot and create an eye-catching point of interest. Lanterns can often be bought cheaply in garden centres so it won’t break the bank. You can also create an awesome effect by hanging strip lights across your patio to brighten up your evenings in the garden.

Makeshift flower beds

Decorative flower beds can be expensive to buy, so why not create your own and save on the expense. You can create fairly inexpensive flower beds using things like breeze blocks or concrete paving and edging. If you’ve had any building work done recently then you may still have some spare, but they are fairly cheap in most DIY stores. Use these to create your own makeshift flower bed that will last through all kinds of weather conditions. You can even add a splash of colour to them using masonry paint.

These are just some simple ideas to improve your garden area and make it a space that you will want to spend your time over the coming months. The garden is often one of the last places on our list of things to do that gets attention, but with some simple and inexpensive DIY hacks, you can breathe new life into your garden.

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