Design a House Sign Guide
Create your own personalised house sign

Design a House Sign Guide

29 May 2013, by Design A House Sign

Welcome to Design a House Sign, we like to make your signs just how you design them, so we have created an iPad friendly interactive designer tool which is easy to use and allows 1000s of combinations of materials, shapes, colours & fonts.

This post is a quick guide of the designer, its features and how to use them.

Stage 1: Basic Setup of your Sign

There are 3 quick and easy steps to setup your sign:

  • To use our iPad friendly designer click on one of the create your sign links on the site. Click ‘Start” to select one of 8 materials. You can change the background to see how the material looks on different surfaces. Once you have chosen click ‘Next’.
  • You can now choose the shape for your sign. There are up to 25 shapes available for some materials
  • Click ‘Next’ & it is time to choose your layout. Choose from several layout options. You can change any of your choices throughout the design process.

Stage 2: Personalise your Sign

Now for the fun part, you can now personalise your sign and see the changes on the preview image as you make them!

  • Choose your Font from the selection available
  • Enter your Text in the box at the left of the page. There will be 1, 2 or 3 boxes depending on the layout you chose. Once entered, change the font size of each line using the slider next to the text box.
  • Edit the layout by clicking the arrows next to the size slider.
  • If you think our standard size is too small you can make your sign larger to suit your needs by moving the slider to the desired size, or by entering the dimensions you require in the boxes. If you require a different size email and we will let you know if we can do it.
  • Choose your text colour from the options (Slate and Oak are Naturally coloured by the laser engraving so you cannot change the colour).
  • On Acrylic signs you can choose your backplate colour.

Not happy with your design? Click ‘previous’ or ‘start again’ or Click ‘Confirm’ to save the design to the basket.

Stage 3: Basket & Checkout

Here you can see any signs you have designed.

  • Check your design by scrolling over the image of the sign.
  • Change the quantity with the up & down arrows.
  • Delete any unwanted designs by clicking on the cross next to it.
  • If you have a promotional code enter it in the box at the bottom left and click the green button, see the price fall!
  • Click ‘Checkout’ and follow the steps to enter your payment and delivery details.

If you you rather watch a quick video to make all of this clearer, we have even provided this for you below!

Happy Designing!!!

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