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Nothing screams “buy me” more than a clean, well presented house. So where do you start when it comes to trying to improve your house’s curb appeal? A potential buyer’s first impression of your home will be influenced by how the exterior looks; it is, after all, the first glimpse they get of the house. Whether you are preparing to sell your home or you’ve already put the for sale sign up, there is always a way to improve the curb appeal. Viewings are a crucial part of selling your home, so in order to succeed you must adjust your mind-set to one of the buyer and think about what will encourage them to get through the front door.

So, where to start, and how can this be done simply and cost effectively? Here at we have devised a list of 3 simple, low cost improvements that we think you can do in a matter of hours!

Dress up the Entrance - It is essential to pay special attention to the entrance of your property; this starts with upgrading the hardware (in other words, make it look inviting). Many estate agents will tell you that the key to presenting your home for sale is to keep it clean and tidy at all times, and this should start from the outside. This may seem small and uncomplicated, and to some people insignificant, but do not overlook the simple things when it comes to curb appeal. Start by replacing outdated door handles, rusty locks and don’t forget to give your door a much needed coat of paint. Pay special attention to the porch fixtures and invest in decorative house numbers or a personalised house sign. First impressions really do count, so even something as simple as this really can make the difference! Don’t forget, your entrance should also reflect your home’s interior so choose something that is classy and in-keeping.

Prune your Plants – A well maintained lawn, fresh mulch and pruned flower beds will improve the curb appeal of almost any home. You may have flowers growing in your garden, but are they presentable? Are you sure they are even flowers?! For this it is advised to focus on the 3 P’s: pruning, pulling (weeds) and planting (flowers). When doing so, try to add contrast and colour to your flower beds as this will have an immediate impact on your home’s exterior and is an easy and cost effective way to make a big impact on the buyer.

Tidy the Driveway – Buyers certainly won’t be impressed if they arrive at a viewing and the first thing they see is a cracked, weed infested driveway. The solution is simple. You can take care of these minor imperfections yourself by patching and resealing any cracks and pulling (yes one of the 3 P’s!) any unwanted weeds. Secondly, make sure your dustbin or any recycling containers are not in view (even if it is the day to put them out!) and hide them away in the garage for the time being, they are not attractive! The dustbin should be accompanied by the family car, making sure this is also hidden to give the illusion of extra space at the front of your house.

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