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Choosing a House Sign

28 January 2014, by Design A House Sign house sign which reads manor house

A house sign needs to accurately reflect the personality and character of your property, therefore choosing the right sign to suit your home is crucial. For example you wouldn’t expect to see an acrylic house sign paired with a chocolate box cottage, nor would you expect to see an oak house sign outside a London penthouse suite. Understandably, you want your house sign to suit the style of your home, which is relatively simple with all of the options that are offered nowadays. But what other factors need considering? Follow these tips and we will make sure that you make the right choice first time around.


Durability is a crucial factor that needs considering when selecting your house sign. Ask yourself, what do I want from this house sign? Do you simply want to fix the sign to a wall and forget about it for years, or are you happy to put some work in to maintaining it to prolong its beauty? If you're likely to opt for the first option, there isn’t much point of investing in an oak house sign as this will require some upkeep. At Design a House Sign, we recommend that to avoid natural discolouring or splitting that our oak house signs are regularly treated with a small amount of Danish Oil. Sound like too much trouble? Then you'll want to opt for a much more hardwearing, durable material that means little or no upkeep for you. For this we’d recommend granite. Virtually maintenance free, this type of sign will only require the odd wash over (which is practically unavoidable no matter which material you choose). Other alternatives include slate and aluminium.


The size of your house sign really does depend on the location and space available to you. Be sure to measure this space carefully so you're able to form an idea of the size and shape required. A key consideration when determining size should be how far away your sign needs to be seen from. If you're hoping for your sign to be seen from a passing car your sign will probably need to be larger than the standard 200mm x 150mm. Our fully interactive designer tool walks you through the whole process, providing you with exact measurements and a visual to match.

Be Bold

The majority of your street probably have a house sign in one form or another, so the question is, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? The answer is to avoid the conventional shapes, fronts and colours to create something truly unique. Our online designer tool gives you the option to change all of the aforementioned, allowing you to select from up 25 different shapes, a number of different layouts and a handful of different fonts and colours. It really is down to you to be as creative as you like, don’t forget the aim is to have a house sign that is completely unique to you!

If you still want to know more about what we offer or exactly how to use our online designer tool, why not ask us a question using our ‘LiveChat’ option, simply select ‘Chat Now’ in the bottom right hand corner. Alternatively you can always email us at or call us on 0845 519 8168, we’d be happy to help!

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