Changing your House Name
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Changing your House Name

17 September 2014, by Design A House Sign wooden house sign

Naming a house has always been a quintessentially British custom and has historically been linked to a feature or the location of the house. Properties throughout Britain had just house names until 1965 when an act of parliament insisted that each house must by law, have a house number and a street name. From 1965 onwards any new houses would be given a fixed number and street name to help postal accuracy and organisation of emergency services and procedures. Even numbers tend to be located on the right side of a street and odd on the left in the direction facing away from the centre of the city/town/village.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the number designated to a house in the UK or even remove it but you are allowed to create a house name to add to your address alongside your house number. It is also possible to change an existing house name. If you already have an existing house number the general rule is that the number must be clearly displayed within the boundary of the property and the number must always be used within your address. For example, if you chose to name your house, ‘Rose Gardens’ and the previous address was 9 Red Road your address now would be:

Rose Gardens

9 Red Road



[Post Code]

Which would be perfectly represented on a house sign such as the one below.

glass effect house sign that reads rose gardens 9

As long as you display your address like this with your house name as well as your house number, you do not need to seek any permission from authorities such as the Post Office or the Local Council.

In some cases houses that were built before 1965 and were not designated a house number do still rely on solely a house name. If you own a property such as this and wish to change the name, permission must be given by the Post Office and the Local Council before any changes can be made as the house name forms part of the official address. Different councils have different rules and procedures in regards to changing house names but will usually approve names as long as they are suitable for the location and not the same as others in the local area.

The top ten most popular names in the UK as reported by the Telegraph in May 2007 are as follows.

Top 10 most popular property names

1. The Cottage

2. Rose Cottage

3. The Bungalow

4. The Coach House

5. The Barn

6. The Lodge

7. Ivy Cottage

8. Sunnyside

9. Orchard House

10. Woodlands

So now you know how, why not change your house name and get a new house sign to go along with it. If you're still in need of some inspiration, take a look at the signs in our gallery.

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