Building a Wildlife Garden the Kids Will Love
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Building a Wildlife Garden the Kids Will Love

11 May 2017, by Design A House Sign

With all the advances in modern technology, kids these days will often end up indoors glued to a tablet or smartphone rather than heading outside to play. It can be difficult to get the kids to put down their devices and head outdoors, especially if there isn’t much that's new and stimulating to entertain them. But one way you can get the kids outside more is by creating a wildlife-friendly garden that the whole family will love. By making a few small changes in your garden, you can create the perfect habitat for all sorts of wildlife to flourish. It doesn't event have to cost you a lot to do. Our blog gives you some top tips on how you can achieve this by making a few small changes to your garden.

Encourage Birds

One of the easiest ways to bring wildlife into your garden is to encourage birds with feed and bird boxes or tables. A few strategically placed bird boxes will encourage birds to visit your garden every day. Just make sure they are sheltered and out of reach of predators! Bird feed is fairly inexpensive to buy but you can even leave other scraps out to encourage birds such as pieces of bread or other seeds. You might also want to consider bird feeders as another option and place these near bushes for smaller birds to feed on. This can be exciting for the kids as they get to see a lot of different birds up close.

Flowers and Plants

A good way to encourage more wildlife into your garden is to plant more flowers and shrubbery such as bushes or even ivy. Shrubs and bushes provide smaller animals with places to shelter and you can often find small birds, or even mammals such as hedgehogs, living here. Flowers and plants provide birds and insects with plenty of pollen and nutrients so they will continue to return to your garden. Planting some edible shrubs such as blackberry or gooseberry bushes in your garden will attract a greater range of wildlife. The added benefit for the kids is being able to pick fruit from the garden.

Creepy Crawlies

There will already be a lot of insects in your garden but they can be hard to find and dig out when looking for them, leaving you with various holes around the place. To encourage them to nestle in one area, find a quiet secluded spot and pile up some rocks, old bricks and bits of old wood or leaves. Putting this in a far corner of the garden keeps it out of the way and, even if it gets damp and starts to rot, this can be the ideal environment for insects. You could also build a bug hotel that creates the perfect place to harbour all kinds of insects and creepy crawlies, with this great guide from the RSPB.

Less Maintenance

We all want our garden to look nice but if you're frequently cutting the grass and digging up your weeds, you will just be disturbing the wildlife. Although it might look a bit tidier, it doesn’t provide a good place for wildlife to thrive in your garden. Keep the maintenance to a lower level and allow your grass to grow a bit longer from time to time.

By following our guide you can create the perfect place for your wildlife and a garden your kids will love going in. With plenty of new and exciting creatures in the garden, you can attract your children or grandchildren to go outside and explore. It can also be educational as they learn more about the wildlife and the world in general. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and is the perfect way to build a garden the kids will love.

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