Stay Safe this Bank Holiday Weekend!
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Stay Safe this Bank Holiday Weekend!

19 May 2014, by Dan Clay bank holiday diy

The bank holiday weekend is fast approaching, and in many households across the UK that can only mean one thing- DIY. With the popularity of property programmes, home improvement projects have never been more popular. Millions of people across the country spend billions of pounds on tools and materials in order to bring their home up to the standard of those they’ve seen on TV.

After such a long, and seemingly never-ending winter, now is the perfect time to consider buying a new front door. If your door is looking old and tired, you could just give it a lick of paint- however it’s probably best to replace it entirely with a more energy efficient door, allowing you to save on heating bills come this year’s inevitable cold winter! Of course, a new front door wouldn’t be complete without a bespoke house sign to go with it.

However, according to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 220,000 people per year are ending up in hospital as a result of DIY going awry. In order to prevent spending your Bank Holiday in A&E, keep things simple and don’t overstretch yourself. With a combination of careful planning and ensuring you use the right tools safely, you can avoid disaster. If you have a major task that you are not experienced enough in, then always use a professional instead- for example electricians or roofers- it’s not worth risking your life to save a bit of money!

According to RoSPA, the most dangerous tools to be using are:
1. Knives and scalpels (21,300 accidents in the UK each year)
2. Saws (15,100)
3. Grinders (6,400)
4. Hammers (5,800)
5. Chisels (3,900)
6. Screwdrivers (3,400)
7. Power Drills (3,000)
8. Axes (2,200)
9. Planes (2,100)
10. Welding Equipment (2,000).

The top ten DIY materials to take care with are:
1. Wood, chipboard etc. (29,400 accidents)
2. Paving/Concrete Blocks (21,200)
3. Metal bars, sheets etc. (12,800)
4. Nails (15,400)
5. Bricks (8,000)
6. Paint and paint pots (3,900)
7. Glue, paste etc. (3,100)
8 & 9. Screws and floor/wall tiles (2,500)
10. Wallpaper (1,600).

So whatever DIY projects you end up undertaking this Bank Holiday weekend, be sure to stay safe! 

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