A little bit about our House Signs and why we use the materials we do!
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A little bit about our House Signs and why we use the materials we do!

25 May 2018, by Joel Claydon

With thousands of variations in House Signs available to order online, how do you know exactly what it is you are ordering?

Well here we lay down in a little more detail what each our materials are and why we use them.

Lets start with our Stone House Signs:

Slate House Signs
We have been selling our slate house signs for in excess of 7 years now and these prove to be our most popular sign. We offer two variations of slate, both are calibrated to 10mm thick and riven with natural markings.
Our Laser etched slate house sign is grey in colour whereas our Deep engraved slate house signs are a much darker grey. We can then offer to infill the text engraving in either Gold Silver or White paint.

Granite House Signs
Much the same as our slate house signs we offer two different variations of engraving; Deep engraving or Laser etched. However unlike our slate signs we can offer a colour text infill on either variation; Gold, Silver and White.
We choose to use a jet black polished granite, which allows for greater contrast between the lettering and the stone.
Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth 2nd to Diamond, so to achieve these finishes our practice in manufacturing has been refined year on year to achieve the best results.

Oak House Signs
Well everyone is likely to know what Oak is, but you may be interested to know our Oak is sustainable sourced within the UK. We also air dry our oak prior to manufacture so that each oak plank is accustomed to the elements to prevent warping or rotting.
Our oak signs are then laser engraved to around 3mm deep and then finished with a hard wood oil.

Glass and Frosted and Acrylic Signs
Manufactured to 5mm thick and cut to your specified size, each of these materials are folded from Acrylic.

Our frosted signs unlike other suppliers are actually frosted. (Now I know that may sound a little confusing) but our signs are actually coated in a satin effect frost at the point of manufacture as apposed to the old fashioned way of adding frosted vinyl to your sign. 

Our glass effect signs are manufactured in much the same way, however as apposed to adding a frost, we add a green tint to the moulding allowing the material to look exactly like glass.
This manufacturing process is much more ideal than that of real glass as the material is much stronger, durable and lighter allowing us to post the item worldwide.

Our Acrylic Signs are quite the opposite to that listed above. These are crystal clear acrylic and supplied with a contrasting backplate which is then stood back from the acrylic. This give a very modern and contemporary feel to the material and looks great on most properties.

Last but not least...

Brushed Aluminium and Brushed Brass
Manufactured from a 3mm thick composite material, each sign is then coated with an coloured aluminium brushed effect e.g Brass effect aluminium and Silver effect aluminium.
Each customers design is then vinyl applied to the surface using a commercial grade vinyl.

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