8 Reasons To Turn To DIY This New Year
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8 Reasons To Turn To DIY This New Year

05 January 2017, by Design A House Sign DIY Reasons

Well, the New Year is upon us. We’ve said our goodbyes to 2016 and as we head into this brand new year we ask you, why don’t you turn to DIY this year? You may seem sceptical, or just initially think ‘what’s the point?’, well, there are many advantages and benefits to taking up DIY, and what better time to take up a new hobby than in the New Year? Here we have put together a list detailing the plus side to DIY and why it can become the perfect New Year’s Resolution for you this 2017!

There is little cost involved

When it comes to DIY projects, there is very little cost that is involved. Your labour is free, the only thing you will need to spend money on will be your materials and sometimes certain equipment if it is required and you don’t have it already. Therefore this means that ultimately if done right you can build things, design items and areas yourself that could save you money and stop you from having to go out and buy readymade things for extravagant prices.

Provides the opportunity to meet new people

A further benefit of DIY projects is the opportunity for you to go out and meet new people, who have similar interests as you and similar skills. Your new hobby can provide an instant conversation starter to anyone, whether you are sat face-to-face or speaking via the help of a computer screen. Not only can this provide you with a topic of conversation but it also provides you with the chance to share experiences and seek the knowledge and understanding of others, which may help you with your work, or you may even be able to help them.

It keeps your brain working

Many people will spend their spare time sat in front of the TV, though is this really the best use of your time? I’m not so sure. By taking on DIY projects you are going to be tackling different challenges tasks around your home and getting stuck into problem solving, trying to gain an understanding of the different tools and how everything works. This can provide you with a more relaxing sort of work for you to get involved in. Not only that it keeps you thinking, it keeps you creative and keeps you alert.  

To gain additional income

Turning to DIY can not only offer you a way to spend your spare time, but also provide a further skill/method in which you could potentially use to make money from. Whether you are producing your own items,  such as clothes and accessories, or just posting about your very own ‘DIY hacks’ this can provide a further source of income for you. For example, many of people have found success through social media when it comes to their own DIY work, through the likes of Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, even their own blog posts and have thousands of people if not millions rushing to their page.

Offers the chance to learn something new

When you turn to DIY it offers you the ability to go out and learn some new skills, as well as provide you with great pride and a sense of accomplishment. As when you go from a real novice to expert it takes time, but it’s exciting going through all the motions of the journey. When you take on a new task it isn’t easy but it allows you to develop and grow, as well as enhance your current skills set and improve certain skills you already have. The opportunity to learn something new should never be underestimated; it offers a great sense of accomplishment once you get there.

You can create unique items bespoke for you

DIY provides you with the chance to really express yourself and let your creative side out. It means that you are able to make some unique items that are suited to you and your personality, and the whole look you are going for. It enables you to produce bespoke items and areas for you and your home, and find the answers that you may not be able to find in many shops.

To fulfil your own happiness

By taking up DIY you are able to make things that benefit you and be creative within your own home and space. It adds the freedom if you want something just go and make it or do it, rather than thinking ‘I need to save up for that’ or even waiting until a shop is open or for a time before you can get to a shop to go and have a look at something. This allows you to go and do what you want to do, to make you happy. For example, if you’ve always wanted to get a hammock in your back garden, you can just grab some fabric and rope and take it outside and make your own hammock where you want it to go.    

Decorate your home how you want it to be

What better decorations are there than your own designs? If you want to add a real personal feel to your home then you can make your own decorations, whether that be newly designed furniture you have put together, or sheets you’ve dyed, even images and prints that you have put up on your walls. This enables you to design and decorate your home exactly how you want it to be. It provides the freedom to you to add exactly what you want and bespoke to your own demands.

So, if you are looking for your 2017 New Year’s Resolution; then why not turn to DIY? It’ll provide you with a number of brilliant benefits as we have explained above. If you do a lot of DIY yourself and have something to add then please feel free to comment below.

Happy New Year from everyone here at Design A House Sign.  

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