6 Winter Preparation Tips
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6 Winter Preparation Tips

08 November 2017, by Design A House Sign

Winter is coming! It’s time to start preparing for the darkness at 4pm and freezing temperatures which might make a change to your everyday routines and how you spend your time at home.

Here we have 6 tips which will prepare you for the winter and will make you feel 10x warmer just by reading our advice.

1.    Heating – Turning up the heating can be a big part of staying warm in the winter. If you do not have the radiators to keep you warm and feel snug, then you may be in trouble when it comes to staying relaxed this winter. Make sure that your heating is fixed before winter comes so you know you’re prepared. If you require assistance fixing your heating, then this guide can be used to help.

2.    Cleaning the Guttering – This can be vital to staying safe and warm this winter. If your gutter isn’t cleared, then there is a chance of an “Ice Dam”. This is when your gutter gets full up of ice and it expands causing your gutter to break or burst due to increased pressure. This will affect your accessibility to water services such as sinks. In London on average it costs around £150 depending on how large your property is to clean your gutters.

3.    Caulk Around Windows and Doors – This is so you can stop air from the outside getting in and keeps the inside of your homes insulated. Caulking blocks holes next to doors and windows to stop air from entering your house. You can do caulking yourself by using these effortless steps or you can pay for a builder to do it, which costs on average £150 to do just the windows.

4.    Disconnect Garden Hoses – As garden hoses can leave water sitting in the tap if they are not disconnected, this could burst some of your pipes over the winter. This is because the water from inside the pipes will expand and freeze. This could cause leakages in your household making it smelly and cold. So to make sure you prevent this from happening you need to disconnect all hoses so that water doesn’t build up within the pipes.

5.    Chimney Sweep – Quite a traditional way of preparing for Christmas is to also call a chimney sweep. As its going to be cold, you are most likely going to have some fires if your home has a chimney. However, if your chimney is not cleaned, it may cause chimney fires or the gases from the chimney will be released into your house and may cause harm. You can find the prices for your area on this website.

6.    Rock Salt – In the winter it becomes very slippery outside for cars and people walking on the pavement. To help prevent falling over and injuring yourself you will need some rock salt. Rock salt helps you to grip whilst walking on ice meaning there is less likely that you’ll fall over. You can usually buy rock salt from local supermarkets or DIY stores. But make sure you do this before the cold weather really kicks in as it can sell out quickly. Spread some rock salt on your drive to prevent any accidents.

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