5 Creative Ways to Create a Kitchen Herb Garden
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5 Creative Ways to Create a Kitchen Herb Garden

04 August 2017, by Design A House Sign

Kitchen herb gardens can be the perfect solution if you live in the city but still enjoy gardening, and always like to have some fresh herbs at hand. They can also be a wonderful opportunity for you to get creative and experiment with different designs that will make your house unique. But if you’re out of ideas – worry not. Take a look at these 5 creative, DIY, kitchen herb garden ideas we have selected for you, and get inspired!

1. Mason jar herb garden

All you need is a set of mason jars – it’s up to you whether you want them all to be of the same shape and size, or if you want to go for a more original look. Simply fill the jars with soil and your desired seeds, and make sure you place them in a sunny location, ideally next to a window. Because mason jars don’t have holes for drainage you need to be careful not to overwater your plants – you can place some stones at the bottom to stop the water from sitting in the soil.  

2. Teacup herb garden

Is your kitchen cupboard full of old teacups you just don’t know what to do with? Drill a small hole into the base for drainage, and plant your herbs in them. This is a great solution if you don’t have much counter space, but can’t resist the temptation of a fresh smelling – and pretty – kitchen herb garden. 

3. One pot herb garden 

If you don’t have much space, make the most of what you do have by planting all your herbs in one pot. Make sure your pot is large enough for the number of herbs you want to plant – if they start crowding each other you’ll need to pull something out. Make your garden unique by getting creative with your herb labels!

4. Upside down hanging herb garden

There’s no reason not to steal this idea: it’s space saving, totally quirky, and easy to put into practice. All you need are some suitable hanging containers – alternatively, you can use some plastic water bottles with the bottom cut off. To anchor the plant in place and prevent soil from washing out through the hole you can place a small piece of newspaper or fabric at the bottom before inserting the plant.  

5. Vertical herb garden 

Simply place your herbs in your favourite pots or buckets, then hang them up on the wall using some picture hangers. This way, you can add some liveliness to bare walls, and always have your herbs on hand!

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