5 Alternative Stocking Fillers for Him
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5 Alternative Stocking Fillers for Him

12 December 2016, by Design A House Sign three christmas stockings

It’s that time of year again, as the nights draw in, you feel Jack Frost nipping at your nose and many shops have their underwhelming decorations up. Yes, Christmas is fast approaching and you have just realised you’re missing the ever-popular little stocking fillers, haven’t you?

Well, don’t worry we have your back. We have provided the ultimate guide to the perfect stocking fillers for every man.

VR Box Virtual Reality Universal Smartphone Headset

Virtual reality has come a long way and it seems that this big trend is set to continue. Why not give it a go for yourself with this brilliant head set that allows you to feel as if you are within your own virtual reality. So for those of you who are yet to get on board with this frenzy, this could provide you with the ultimate opportunity.

With just this headset and your smartphone you can allow yourself to totally immerse into the virtual world, through 360-degree videos/live streams, and virtual reality games you really can feel as if you’re there.

For your own headset find and buy here.

House Sign for his ‘Man Cave’

How you design and create your house sign is entirely up to you. This could be the perfect stocking filler for every man. A sign for him to place proudly on the entrance of his very own man cave. A distinctive barrier between the normal domestic household and ‘his space’, a way for him to really claim what is his. It may even give you your own peace and quiet to enjoy…you never know.

The house signs offered can come in multiple materials, from oak, acrylic, slate and much more. Also, the entire content and message you have displayed are entirely up to you. Write ‘Geoff’s Man Cave’, a quirky comment, or just a typical teenage boys ‘KEEP OUT’, it really is up to you.

You can find the perfect sign here.

Desktop Arcade Machine

Keep your man entertained for hours whilst you sit back, enjoy and relax, and wait for it, there’s no catch. There really is no catch, with this desktop arcade machine it supplies a total of 240 classic video games from the likes of Pacman, Tetris and Pinball Wizard this mini arcade is the perfect gift for any man; a perfect break from daily life and even the extremely futuristic games of today, and a truly brilliant blast from the past with a number of retro games.

Not to mention you don’t need to buy 3 tonnes on wrapping paper and put your back out trying to get it up the stairs, this is perfectly portable for any individual no matter of who you are.  

Pick up your own desktop arcade machine now. Just click here.

For Him: Personalised The Hangover Book

There are times when we drink too much and end up feeling rather fragile with a horrendous hangover. Well, this book serves to assist you and mock how you are able to cope, or not when it comes to drinking too much.

This brilliant book is written in the very style of a children’s book with various images for you to look at whilst reading through the horrors of a typical hangover.

You can even add the male’s name into the book to provide it with a much more personal touch making this a meaningful gift you have sought out just for them.  

So next time he goes out for ‘just the one’ and comes back at 4:30am with only one shoe and awakes with an unbearable hangover, you can point him in the direction of this book.

Grab your own right here.

Air Amp

This mini speaker is perfect for playing out the Christmas tunes and provides the perfect mini gift that will slot in brilliantly into any man cave. This simple speaker is designed as a mini guitar amplifier and rocks out your tunes without the need for any extra cables or batteries.   

This mini speaker functions as its own phone stand, as well as a charger. You simply place your mobile phone into the very top of the Air Amp and get started!

Pick up you Air Amp here.

As Christmas will be here very soon we hope this has helped with the lack of ideas you may have had. Pick any of these items by using the link included. If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

We hope this helped. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at Design A House Sign.

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