was created by Ebox Media Ltd and was born from years of experience manufacturing signs of all types for both the commercial and residential client.

Having produced 1000’s of signs over the years, we wanted to give our customers the ability to create their own signs online and give them the opportunity to be as creative and imaginative as possible.

We decided that we needed a fully functional, interactive website, not only easy to use, but vast in terms of design opportunities.

Having found a dynamic and passionate web design team who shared our enthusiasm for the project, we set about selecting our most popular materials, shapes and designs to implement into the site.

Finally, following months of creative minds, late nights and strong coffee, we were able to create our unique and easy to use website

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce unique signs at the unbelievable price of only £24.99. All our signs are manufactured from 100% durable materials that are commonly used within the sign making industry and come with all fixings and fitting instruction.

Just because we are online doesn’t mean we don’t like to talk to you. Feel free to contact us if you need any additional information that is not detailed in our FAQ section.