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Engraved Slate House Signs and How they are made!

31 July 2018, by Joel Claydon

We find a lot of people asking what the difference is between our engraved and etched slate house signs. Well here we will explain, in as much detail as possible the differences between the two. Lets start with our Engraved Slate House Signs.  The slate itself is made from a 10mm thick grey calibrated tile, which is then machine cut to the required size of the house sign. The face of the slate is sanded to a smooth finish, known as a honed

Fitting your House Sign

07 June 2013, by Design A House Sign

So your personalised house sign (or house signs!) has arrived. It is now time to fit it! In this post we will tell you how to fit your sign correctly. Depending on the material chosen the fittings you receive will be one of two types. Oak Slate and Granite signs come with Black Japanned screws. Our signs come pre drilled, so fitting the sign can be done in a few easy steps. Check your sign is correct before fitting. Any problems must be reported

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Create your own personalised house signs

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Nine modern durable and styling materials, in 25 different shapes and sizes, with endless combinations of font and colour to choose from, allowing you to create a truly personalised sign for just £24.99.

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