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Engraved Slate House Signs and How they are made!

31 July 2018, by Joel Claydon

We find a lot of people asking what the difference is between our engraved and etched slate house signs. Well here we will explain, in as much detail as possible the differences between the two. Lets start with our Engraved Slate House Signs.  The slate itself is made from a 10mm thick grey calibrated tile, which is then machine cut to the required size of the house sign. The face of the slate is sanded to a smooth finish, known as a honed

A little bit about our House Signs and why we use the materials we do!

25 May 2018, by Joel Claydon

With thousands of variations in House Signs available to order online, how do you know exactly what it is you are ordering? Well here we lay down in a little more detail what each our materials are and why we use them. Lets start with our Stone House Signs: Slate House Signs We have been selling our slate house signs for in excess of 7 years now and these prove to be our most popular sign. We offer two variations of slate, both are

Changing your House Name

17 September 2014, by Design A House Sign

Naming a house has always been a quintessentially British custom and has historically been linked to a feature or the location of the house. Properties throughout Britain had just house names until 1965 when an act of parliament insisted that each house must by law, have a house number and a street name. From 1965 onwards any new houses would be given a fixed number and street name to help postal accuracy and organisation of emergency services and

Keeping your House Sign clean

28 August 2014, by Dan Clay

It’s easy to forget that house signs spend nearly all of their lives outside, come rain or shine, winter or summer. Because of this, we rarely give the attention they need when carrying out our house chores. We have to remember that a house sign, much like anything you’d clean, is essentially a decorative object and significantly loses its appeal if left dirty. It won’t be long before the rainy autumnal days start to arrive but before they do,

UK Average House Price At All Time High

24 June 2014, by Dan Clay

The end of last month saw house prices surpassing the pre-financial crisis ‘peak’ after 13 months of consecutive growth- with the average UK house price now at £186,512 showing a 13.1% increase compared to May 2013. These new figures have outdone the previous record set in October 2007 when the average house price reached £186,044 across the UK. Although May set the new record for average housing prices, the month only saw an increase of 0.7% compared to

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