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Keeping Your Home Secure While You're Away

12 June 2017, by Design A House Sign

It's holiday season as many people look to get away to a sunnier climate and explore somewhere new. You will more than likely have a lot of packing to do and things to sort out for while you are away, but one thing that people often forget about is keeping their home secure while they are away on holiday. Many people become concerned that their home will be a target for burglary if they leave it unattended for long periods. But there are a number of ways

Building a Wildlife Garden the Kids Will Love

11 May 2017, by Design A House Sign

With all the advances in modern technology, kids these days will often end up indoors glued to a tablet or smartphone rather than heading outside to play. It can be difficult to get the kids to put down their devices and head outdoors, especially if there isn’t much that's new and stimulating to entertain them. But one way you can get the kids outside more is by creating a wildlife-friendly garden that the whole family will love. By making a few small

How to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

12 April 2017, by Design A House Sign

With the spring season fully underway, you may be looking to freshen up your home over the coming weeks. While not all of us have the time or money to redecorate every year, there are some things that you can do around the home to give it a new lease of life. These are not expensive and don’t take a great deal of time but they can make your home feel much brighter with little effort.  Bring the outdoors indoors One of the easiest ways that you can

5 Home Design Bloggers We Love

16 March 2017, by Design A House Sign

As the seasons change, so do trends in home decor. With this in mind, it can be difficult to keep up with fashions for patterns and colour, so it's always good to start looking online for inspiration. There are a number of blogs online that can provide inspiration and offer up some great design ideas. We have selected some of our favourite interior design bloggers that are based in the UK to help you find the inspiration you need. Dear Designer One of

How To Take Better Care Of Your Lawn This Summer

02 February 2017, by Design A House Sign

Having had a fair share of Atlantic winds, rain, and snow in some parts of the country, winter is finally coming to an end with spring set to take root on March 20th. Winter preparations for many were focused on getting the house ready for celebrations. A time to show off your new or improved home to friends and family, maybe you even got the new kitchen or office extension you always wanted. All improvements made, the house has been transformed into a

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